How Much Is My Personal Injury Claim Worth?

One of the most frequent questions our clients ask is, “How much is my case worth?” The short, and sometimes frustrating answer is, “it depends.” In practice, there are numerous factors which go into the estimation of a settlement and each case will have unique factors. Generally, the compensation available to victims is dependent on the loss they have suffered as a result of the accident. While metrics such as hospital bills can be measured, other aspects, such as pain and suffering, are harder to quantify. Just as a doctor is needed to accurately diagnose injuries, only a lawyer can review a case to estimate its worth.

Factors Which Can Influence Monetary Compensation

  1. Pain and suffering: A major factor in personal injury cases, pain and suffering can refer to the physical and mental anguish experienced as a direct result of an accident. While pain and suffering is a key component of a claim, there is no definite method for deriving an exact monetary value. A personal injury attorney can be vital in representing you and communicating the precise nature of your injuries as well as how they have affected you.
  2. Medical expenses: Costs from medical expenses can quickly pile up and should be factored into your total claim. This includes initial costs such as hospitalization, equipment, and medication, but also future medical needs. While it can be difficult to predict exactly how wounds will heal, injuries can commonly require prolonged rehabilitation, therapy, and prescription medications.
  3. Lost wages: An accident can impact your income in more ways than may be immediately apparent. Initial damages can include lost wages from missed work as well as future time off. Some injuries may prevent individuals from continuing their line of work, such as if a musician loses part of all of the functionality in their hands. This can forever affect your livelihood and reduce overall earning capacity.
  4. Diminished quality of life: Damages which directly affect your quality of life can be difficult to quantify. While these damages are generally associated with more severe injuries, most people who experience the trauma of an accident may experience a loss of enjoyment in their daily activities. Typically psychological in nature, this can include aspects such as anxiety and depression.
  5. Property damage: Every accident has the potential to damage your personal property. In cases of slip and fall accidents, this may include clothes, jewelry, and cell phones/smartphones. In cases such as car accidents, property damage can be significantly more severe. The overall value of any property can be augmented when it was a needed part of your daily life, for example, if you need your car for work.
  6. Gross negligence: While most damages are awarded as a means to compensate victims for their pain, suffering, and loss, it is also possible to be awarded punitive damages. These are additional damages intended to “punish” the negligent party for their actions. Not every claim will qualify and to seek punitive damages, the victim must show clear evidence that gross negligence took place. This typically applies to cases of exceptionally severe injury or where accidents were caused by exceedingly negligent acts.

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