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Our purpose – some would say calling – is to make our communities safer by helping those injured or killed by the negligence of others achieve full justice and full compensation. Because without full compensation, the system of checks and balances fails. Distracted drivers will continue to drive distracted. Arrogant companies will continue to put profit before the safety of our community and their own employees. Unqualified and overworked truck drivers will continue to imperil our families as they barrel through our streets daily to meet their unreasonable quotas. The callousness, indifference and selfish behavior will not stop until every driver, every company, every person, takes responsibility for their own actions and changes their behavior.

As trial lawyers we know that the best – if not only -- way to achieve the goal of community safety is to get dangerous drivers and profit first companies to think about themselves and how their conduct is going to harm them if they don’t change their behavior before it’s too late. The civil justice system is the mechanism by which the goal of community safety can be accomplished. With full justice and full compensation.

Will Adams is a Double Board Certified Personal Injury and Civil Trial Lawyer. Based in their hometown of Katy, Texas, Will and his brother and law partner Tad Adams have devoted their entire legal careers to personal injury, helping families whose lives have been forever changed by dangerous trucking companies, negligent and distracted or drunk drivers, and corporations that put profits before safety. If you or a loved one has suffered because someone violated a fundamental safety rule, and you want to make our community a safer place by holding the wrongdoer fully responsible, call us today.

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