Local Board Certified Personal Injury Trial Attorneys

Will and Tad Adams have been trying personal injury cases together at the Adams Law Firm from the moment Will graduated Law School. For the last 20 years, they have done so from their home base in Katy, Texas. But their story begins in Dallas.

Only days after opening the law firm’s doors in Dallas, a woman walked in to the firm and asked us to represent her in small claims court … the next day. And, she needed us to take the case pro bono (for free), because she couldn’t afford even to repair her car.

As we learned from our soon to be client that afternoon, an off-duty peace officer had run a red light, severely damaging the woman’s only means of transportation. The problem was, the officer’s own department responded to the call and placed full blame on our potential client. We had nothing on our calendar, so we thought, why not? Using the woman’s Polaroid photos with her handwritten notes scribbled in the margins, we presented her case to a six-person jury in a small cinder-block annex in a Dallas suburb, hoping to show that the police report got it wrong and that the off-duty officer was really to blame. After 6 hours of deliberation on a Friday evening, we had our first victory.

That was 1995. Not long thereafter, Will and Tad obtained a $2.2 million dollar personal injury jury verdict in another Dallas suburb, this time against a drunk driver who had nearly killed our client in a rear end motor vehicle crash. Tad and Will tried the case because the insurance company waited two years to offer policy limits and we believed, under Texas law, they had waited too long. Following the verdict, the case worked its way through both the state and federal court systems over a five-year period (very long story), and the case eventually settled for a confidential amount (ten times the final offer before trial). Following the death of their father Tom Adams in 1997, Will and Tad returned home to Katy, Texas to be with their mother and brother, and continued down the path of making a difference in their clients’ lives from their childhood hometown.

Our personal injury attorneys handle a variety of serious personal injury and wrongful death cases throughout Texas. As a smallish firm that likes to give every client and their family our undivided attention, we naturally will not accept every case that might have merit. The types of cases that we do accept include car crashes caused by 18 wheelers and other commercial trucks and vehicles, personal injuries and deaths caused by distracted and impaired driving (which includes texting while driving, drunk / drugged driving, and inappropriate use of cell phones and other devices with distracting apps and games), motorcyclists who have been injured in wrecks caused by other drivers’ bad choices, on the job and construction injuries and deaths, pipeline and factory explosions, and off-shore accidents, to name a few.

Over the last 20 plus years, Tad and Will Adams have had the privilege of trying all but one client’s case side by side in courtrooms throughout the State of Texas. We can’t remember why one of us was not available that day, but we remember it was the only time the two of us were not sitting side by side while trying a case. And we expect it to be the last.

There are several things about our firm that make us unique. One is that Will is Double Board Certified in Personal Injury Trial Law (by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization) and Civil Trial Law (by the National Board of Trial Advocacy). Very few personal injury trial lawyers have been awarded a double board certification.

Our lawyers also make frequent trips to the Courthouse. We are not a settlement mill, which means we must stand up for our clients’ rights and plead their causes before judges and juries to ensure full, fair and just compensation.

The Adams Law Firm is also unique in that we have lawyers in house that can handle many nuances a complicated personal injury or wrongful death case might present. For example, we have an in-house probate lawyer to handle matters that arise in wrongful death cases where a probate is necessary. That lawyer can give you and your family guidance while navigating the probate system. We also have full time family lawyers who can assist with guardianships, child support liens, custody issues, common law marriage situations, and paternity disputes. Not every injury case requires this additional expertise, but when necessary, we are able to do so in house with lawyers under our direct supervision. If you’d like to see those lawyers, visit www.theadamslawfirm.com

Feel free to explore the remainder of this website, and after satisfying yourself that our firm is the best choice for you and your family, call us today for a free consultation at (888) 593-5707 to see if you have a case that we might be able to accept and pursue for you. All consultations are conducted at no charge to you, and there are no fees or costs to you unless we are able to resolve your claims by recovering money.